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Just as there are different ways of writing for novels, for advertising and for films, there is a way to write for the Internet. To find content on the web we use search engines. To make sure the search engines find our content we optimize it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting is writing content that the reader wants to read and will be easily found and rank well with search engines.

The object of writing for the Internet is to get the reader to use your content to click through to your website. If they don't get to your website, they can't look at your products or services and you will have lost a potential customer. Here are a few mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

Freelance Jobs

#1 - Hackneyed headline

This is a extremely important mistake not to make. If they don't even look at your article, all your time and attempt are wasted. If you provide an attention grabbing title, one that makes them curious enough to open your article, you're halfway there.

Here are just a few thoughts to get you thinking: Use titles that describe the content of your article but are short and brief; Use keywords in your title that people might be searching for; People can't resist articles with lists or tips such as, "Top 10 Copywriting Mistakes" or "Top Tips on Getting Your Articles Read"; and "How to" articles are popular as well.

The base line here is to put some thought into your title. Think about how to get a reader's consideration.

Freelance Jobs

#2 - Create tasteless body Content

Start to end - try to keep it attractive. Make reading your article a enjoyable experience for your reader. Here are a few suggestions.

Make it amusing, relevant and grammatically correct. Nothing pulls the reader out of a story more than bad grammar and misspelled words.

Use short sentences and try to limit paragraphs to two or three lines. Concentrate on writing rich and proper copy rather than just practical words.

Have a sense of funniness. This gives your articles personality. Don't give a sales pitch - use a call to action. The reason of your article is to get your reader to get to your website. Your writing could include a reason for them to find more information, either from another article that you've written or from your website.

"Content is king". If you keep this in mind, you'll be ahead of the game. Search engines love well-written and constructive content. So do readers.

Freelance Jobs

#3 – Create a difficult to read content with illusive context

Reader ought to be able to easily scan your article and find headings that will tell them what the section is about. You can use numbered lists and bullets to systematize your ideas so they are quickly read. If you italicize, bold or underline a word, the search engine, take for granted that it's a keyword. You can use this to your advantage. Conversely, if you make use of these tags a lot or if you use them on non-keywords, you'll puzzle the search engines and misplace any benefit you would have gained.

The other thing that makes a page easy to scan is small paragraphs. When you look at your copy on the page, you should see a lot of white space. Looking at a page that's entirely filled with words is intimidating to a reader. You want to make it as friendly and welcoming and as easy to read as possible.

Freelance Jobs

#4 - Misuse Keywords

Here remain a few suggestions regarding keywords:
• Target a set of keywords in each post but don't use them more than three or four times on a page. If you use the equal keywords again and again, search engines can tell that the article isn't very practical.

• Use a wide range of words that relate to your topic.

• Use synonyms of your keywords in count to the keywords.

• Don't stick to a typical keyword density for every article. You want your words to flow logically, and do to excess of keywords makes your copy sound forced.

• Review your keywords every so often. Sometimes your business changes and you desire your articles to alter also.

If you offer your reader with content that lets them learn or experience something, you'll have a contented reader. If you provide the search engines with high-quality keywords and a selection of them, you'll have a happy search engine.

Freelance Jobs

#5 - Attempt to trap the popular Search Engines

Practicing doubtful tactics like cloaking and using unseen text is not prudent. The last thing you fancy is to get your site banned. These kinds of tricks will do it. So can using hidden links, link farms, linking to bad sites, distributing viruses and sending spam. Don't try to trick the search engines and don't work with any companies that use these techniques.

Overcoming these common mistakes can give you head start when creating effectual content on the Internet. SEO copywriting requires effort. Putting content a site and distributing it on the web takes time. If you effort at it over time and create lots of valuable content, successfully "brandcasting" your site, you'll be satisfied with more traffic.

Freelance Jobs